Vascular Medicine

Vascular Medicine focuses on the diagnosis and management of vascular (i.e. arterial, venous, lymphatic) disorders. A large proportion of patients with vascular disease have venous or arterial thrombosis and/or peripheral arterial disease. However, less common disorders must be considered in the workup of patients with leg swelling, leg discomfort, non-healing ulcers, blue digits, arterial dissections and aneurysms.

  • Medical diagnosis
  • Referral for peripheral arterial testing
  • Smoking cessation
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment

New patients: Please expect a one hour appointment, bloodwork and ECG.

Follow-up patients: 30 minute appointment

Appointments can take longer if the patient has to wait for lab testing.

Trainees may be working in this clinic environment.

Patients should always bring their updated medication list.

Referral to the Vascular Medicine Clinic is via Family Physician or Specialist.

See our Peripheral Artery Disease Outpatient Referral Form.