Hematology & Thromboembolism Follow-Up Clinic

The Hematology & Thromboembolism Follow-Up Clinic provides long-term follow-up and support for patients who have stable hematological or thromboembolic disorders.

  • Hematology and thromboembolism follow-up

Patients in this clinic will receive routine follow-up and will have a clearly identified therapy plan developed in partnership with Dr. Crowther. New patients for Dr. Crowther are initially seen and assessed at the Hematology Clinic at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (phone: 905-521-6024, fax: 905-540-6568).

New patients are initially seen by the Hematology Service at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Referrals for this clinic should be faxed to 905-540-6568. Patients will be seen in order of need, by the first available hematologists. Referrals can also be screened through the Ontario eConsult service.