Platelet Disorders Clinic

The platelet disorders clinic is a specialty hematology clinic. We provide expert consultation for the diagnosis and management of patients with immune thrombocytopenia and related disorders. The clinic is home to the McMaster ITP Registry, designed to improve our understanding of platelet disorders.

The platelet disorders provides consultation from specialty hematologists, nurses and pharmacists; on-site laboratory testing with same-day results; and a calm space for infusions of medications and blood products in the adjacent medical day care.

Most patients will have blood testing done at the on-site laboratory immediately before their appointment. Because of this, patients should arrive 1 hour before their scheduled appointment. After your appointment, you will be advised on follow up instructions and we will make arrangements for follow up blood tests if needed.

We accept referrals from primary care practitioners, second-opinion referrals, and transfer of care from other hematologists.