The Boris Clinic is home to a collaborative community of healthcare experts who work together to provide a seamless journey for patients with chronic health conditions. 

The clinic operates as a “one-stop shop” for adults who need care and support for multiple health issues. Patients can be seen by several specialists for different health concerns during one visit, instead of having to make multiple appointments at different locations. This patient-centric, multidisciplinary approach to outpatient care is unique within Canada: the Boris Clinic is one of the few of its kind nation-wide. 

We are also an academic and research hub, involving learners and patients in medical studies that seek to learn more about the conditions that affect them, and helping us understand how we can care for them better.  

Our commitment to improving care for people with chronic and complex health conditions is also demonstrated through our focus on education. The Boris Clinic is an academic teaching clinic, meaning that we include medical learners on our team. The Boris Clinic provides a learning environment that brings research and evidence-based medicine in to practice, fostering future generations of healthcare providers who will continue in the pursuit of providing leading-edge care. 

Since it opened in 2014, the Boris Clinic has grown to see nearly 50,000 patient visits each year. 

The Boris Clinic is a joint initiative of the Faculty of Heath Sciences of McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences.  

The opening of the Boris Clinic at McMaster University Medical Centre in 2014 was made possible by the Boris Family of Hamilton, as part of their $30 million gift to McMaster University in 2012. A total of $6 million was dedicated to this unique facility with the goal of enabling patients with complex health problems to see several specialists and have related tests during one hospital visit.

The clinic was established as a partnership between Hamilton Health Sciences and McMaster University, supporting its multi-pronged mandate of providing innovative, evidence-based patient care as well as research and education.

Vision: To be a world class centre of excellence for ambulatory care. Excellence in clinical care, education and research.

Mission: A purposefully built outpatient clinic that will provide transformational care that is patient-centred: ‘on time’, and easily navigable; provides an exceptional teaching and research environment; and is aligned with our corporate strategic pillars, promoting Best Care for All.

Guiding Principles

The Boris Clinic will:

  • Be patient-focused
  • Provide cost-effective care
  • Have a healthcare team governance and operations structure
  • Provide education innovation
  • Be research orientated

McMaster University Medical Centre (MUMC) has a longstanding history of providing world-class healthcare to people within Hamilton and from across Ontario. In 1972 the centre opened in the Health Sciences Building, owned by McMaster University, where the university-hospital collaboration set the stage for a strong tradition of teaching future generations of healthcare providers.

The site is home to a range of adult specialty clinics and day surgery, as well as a nationally-recognized digestive diseases care and research program. Here, the Boris Clinic – the first of its kind in Canada – brings together several medical specialties under one roof to provide “one-stop shopping” to patients with multiple health needs.

MUMC also hosts one of Ontario’s largest labour & delivery programs and shares its campus with McMaster Children’s Hospital, providing seamless care for newborns who require additional hospital care after birth.

The Boris Clinic provides education to a variety of medical trainees including medical residents and students of medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and pharmacy. Our training program provides a space for collaborative learning and supervised training. We encourage trainees to develop the skills to provide optimal care and prepare them for the world of health care.

Canada’s first Ambulatory Clinical Teaching Unit (A-CTU) was developed in the Boris Clinic. This unit provides structured training for Internal Medicine residents to learn how to manage medical patients in a clinic setting. This type of environment helps to train our future physicians who are skilled in outpatient care of medical patients.