Diabetes Care & Research Program

Blood sugar monitor

The Diabetes Care & Research Program provides services to support each patient through their personal diabetes journey.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced academic physicians is dedicated to delivering outstanding patient care together with a team of Certified Diabetes Educators who will work with each patient individually to develop a care plan that is tailored specifically for them.

  • We provide both individual counselling and group workshop opportunities on site and at various locations in the community.
  • The DCRP is a pump certified centre and can assist patients with complex diabetes issues.
  • We provide supportive coaching via telephone, email and in-person visits.

Patients attending the DCRP have opportunities to participate in a variety of international and national diabetes research studies, as well as locally initiated research projects.

  • Outpatient care and research opportunities for adults at risk of diabetes, with pre-diabetes, or with diabetes
  • Seamless, integrated care, with a team of experienced, qualified diabetes health care providers including physician specialists, nurse practitioners, nurse, dietitians, kinesiologists, researchers, and psychologist
  • Patient-focused individualized support for treatment and prevention of diabetes and its consequences
  • Flexible and accommodating approaches to care including email and phone support and opportunities for individual and group interactions
  • Recognized as meeting the standards of the Diabetes Canada Standards Recognition Program
  • Interpreter services available

Patients learn the skills needed to take control of the day-to-day management of diabetes, such as:

  • The most current information on diabetes care
  • How to eat healthy and plan meals
  • Medications for diabetes
  • How to maintain a regular exercise plan
  • How to test the blood sugar level
  • How to cope with diabetes
  • How to reduce the risk of complications
  • Where to go in the community for further support

Healthcare providers make every attempt to see patients at their scheduled appointment time. In order to prevent late arrivals, please give yourself extra travel time to allow for traffic, parking and registration.

Please bring with you:

  • your health card
  • your medications in their containers including insulin, over-the-counter medications and supplements
  • your blood sugar meter and a record of recent blood sugars
  • your insulin pump or sensor download
  • a record of what you have eaten in the past 3 days
  • questions you may have
  • Family members and support persons

Most initial appointments are approximately 1 hour long and you may meet with 1 or more members of the healthcare team. Together we will discuss your individual needs and develop a personalized care plan.

If you cannot attend your appointment please call, 905-521-2100 ext. 76061 to reschedule. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required.

Anyone with Diabetes or Pre-diabetes can attend the program.

There are 2 ways of accessing our services:

  • A self-referral can get you access to our team of Diabetes Educators.
  • A physician referral from your family doctor can get you access to our team of specialized diabetes doctors.

Please call our reception desk at 905-521-2100 ext 76061 for more information.

Our Research Mission

Hamilton Health Sciences scientists and healthcare professionals frequently make discoveries that may benefit people with diabetes. These new discoveries and new approaches to diabetes care will only lead to better health outcomes if they are tested in carefully designed ethical research studies. Such research is the only way that tomorrow’s diabetes care will be better than today’s, and is why research is woven into the fabric of diabetes care at the Boris Clinic. Patients interested in learning more or volunteering for research in the Diabetes Care and Research Program should speak to their diabetes healthcare provider or review the current studies that are listed below. Learn about the projects we’re working on below.

Remission Evaluation of a Metabolic Intervention for Type 2 Diabetes with IDEGLira

Aim of Study

This trial will test whether a short treatment with a combined basal insulin degludec and liraglutide (IDEGLIRA), metformin and lifestyle is able to achieve prolonged diabetes remission.


30-80 yrs. with a diagnosis of Type 2 ≤5years on no more than 2 Oral Diabetes medications

Who to contact

Ada Smith 905-525-9140X22205 or Leanna Butler 905-521-2100X 75526

A Randomized, 26 week,open-label, 2-Treatment arm, parallel group multicenter study comparing the efficacy and safety of insulin glargine/lixisenatide fixed- ratio combination (Soliqua) titrated using a simple titration alogorithm (one unit daily adjustment) compared with insulin glargine/lixisenatide fixed-ratio combination (Soliiqua) titrated by weekly adjustment in patients with Type 2 Diabetes mellitus

Aim of Study

To evaluate the effect and safety of using a simple daily adjustment of Soliqua compared to weekly adjustments


Adults diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes for at least 6 months duration with uncontrolled sugars and currently taking less than 40 units of any basal insulin.

Who to contact

Ada Smith 905-525-9140X22205 or Leanna Butler 905-521-2100X 75526

A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Parallel-group, Multicenter Study To Demonstrate the Effects of Sotagliflozin on Cardiovascular and Renal Events in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Moderately Impaired Renal Function

Aim of Study

To show that sotagliflozen does not increase and could potentially decrease the risk of having a heart attack, stroke, or being hospitalized for heart failure or death form a cardiovascular event.


Adults with Type 2 diabetes and one major cardiovascular risk factor or ≥ 55with at least 2 minor cardiovascular risk factors

Who to contact

Ada Smith 905-525-9140X22205 or Leanna Butler 905-521-2100X 75526