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Making virtual care easier at the Boris Clinic

For a 15-minute follow-up appointment with her specialist at the Boris Clinic at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS), Shannon Clark used to allot herself between two and three hours. Time for travel, to find parking, to get from her car to the clinic, to wait in the waiting room, plus the actual appointment. “Now, my 15...

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How to manage diabetes over the holidays

The holiday season is a time of celebrations, with plenty of food to tempt your taste buds and challenge your best intentions for healthy eating. While social gatherings can make it difficult to stay on top of your carbohydrate intake, here are some tips to help navigate your way through holiday feasts (remember to test...

Hertzel Gerstein
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New discovery: diabetes drug reduces heart and kidney problems

A clinical trial led by researchers at the Population Health Research Institute of Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) and McMaster University has found that the drug dulaglutide reduces heart and kidney issues in middle-aged and older people with Type 2 diabetes. The “REWIND” study followed more than 9,900 people in 24 countries over five years and found that...